HIIT Studio now offer 50 classes per week

Classes are based on HIIT, CIRCUIT and TABATA training. The most commen class is a FULL BODY and it's typically 45min. ​We have 8 unique types of classes, all aimed to give you the best possible workout and geared towards everyday movement.

If you have any doubts of which class to choose, always feel free to ask us in the chat

A HIIT workout is a unique combination of cardio and strenght training

We use own bodyweight and equipment like:  Concept2 Rowing machine, Concept2 SkiErg, Assault Airbike, Assault Airrunner, dumbbells, Barbells, TRX, Slamball, The Tank, Battlerope, Wall Ball, Box jump, Jerry Cans, Sand Bags, Olympic bars, Kettlebells..... the list goes on....